Sunday, 3 August 2014

our beta test

you know when people stir the dreams you carry, reminding you every day is game day? we walked all over new york city, often finding ourselves submerged in the aspirations of others. everyone has a reason to be here, or at least everyone believes they have a reason to be here. which is a good enough reason by any means, but no one wants to be just good enough. you want to be the very best (pokemon master #that no one ever was).

Friday, 25 July 2014

thursday sunday

thursday sunday

every time i wear an australian label people ask 'where did you get this from?' and i'm left to confirm the worst. 'you're not gonna dress like this shopping at zara, sweet cake', my internal monologue will say while i ask myself why in the world i would even internally use 'sweet cake'. i mean i don't even know this person but i guess i don't know what a 'sweet cake' is either so perhaps the moniker makes sense. i will then realise they are staring at me waiting for a response and i ponder how long i can stay silent for before they wave their right hand in front of my face asking with what they think is witty sarcasm 'hello?' when it's patience and not my response that's lacking. if they're old fashioned (or old) they might add 'earth to aimee, earth to aimee' in which i will recount the 'earth to brent' monologue from zoolander before doing a dance to WHAM! taking up even more of everyone's time. by now they want to punch me in the face so i tell them to peruse through the following labels as they are what sustains me:

my favourite days of the week are also thursday and sunday, coincidently or not.

Thursday, 26 June 2014



mongkok, kowloon

kiki clutching mata hari

ken and carmen


le petit prince


dance like michael jackson

the footpath is two inches away

wanchai, hong kong

dude be reading paper, tai ping shan


bff taylor 


when i bought my ticket home a huge sense of relief washed over me, as though i had been fighting a hun invasion under general conscription during the han dynasty and it was finally over, when all i ever did was live in one of the most efficient cities in the world. sure, work got insane at one (many) point (s), leaving my sanity in question, but i addressed the problem (s) in a way many people in their early 20s without much life experience would, by not addressing it (them) at all. bad idea. life experience: check.

we cross paths with people throughout life. when we're open to knowing them, we establish relationships (by baring our souls and hoping the listener doesn't destroy us with our secrets). then as our lives progress we become less open, or more guarded, and those same bonds are never really created again, or not in the same way. late teens was when i formed many of my strongest relationships (no matter where i was). then i entered the real world and learnt life would never be the same again. that's sad, but so is getting one strawberry mentos and 19 orange ones in a 'mixed fruit' pack.

i have so many quirks that are plain irksome but my friends are still my friends and would take a shot for me in lazer tag any day if i offered enough cash upfront. i never noticed how annoying i was (am) until i met someone with identical peculiarities. so for the all the times i walked away without a word to buy snacks while everyone's in conversation, stopped talking mid-sentence to think about pomegranates, listened to you with glazed eyes because i was still thinking about pomegranates, brushed my teeth in the living room, and left a country without saying goodbye, i'm sorry. thank you for still being my friend.

Monday, 16 June 2014

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

dance dance dance

when you're young, you solve your problems by following your ideals. your intuition is your lonely planet. not always practical, but you take comfort in your pure heart and clear conscience. however you should still always carry a back up plan in your front pocket (and several other options in various odd locations, i.e. between your books, underneath the vase you received for your first house warming, in the gluten free cookies' jar) for there will be forest fires even when you live by the sea, and bad days even when your eyeliner is on point.

what ever you're going through, remember rain forests regrow rapidly and there's a tutorial for nine different eyeliner looks in under eight minutes on youtube.

Friday, 14 March 2014

sakura season

secondhand smoking seemed rare in melbourne, i guess in hong kong when a friend smokes in my personal space it really stands out because i have no friends or personal space.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

land of the long white cloud

street lights dot the city like fireflies on a summer lawn. my heart swell as the plane descends. memories run in rivulets through my veins, but soon overwhelm me. i gasp for air as though i have held my breath for years. 
for a while, new zealand was all of me. 
i remember walking along boulders near the pier every weekend. my knees would tremble at the ocean's tantrums. i saw my life before a salty sea surrounded by pines. i didn't know the future because i thought i was already there. 
then we moved, but i held onto those memories, and for years i talked about them with my parents. 'let's return', they know better than i do so we do not. i am a passenger in their life, i go where they do, not where i want to. 
passing years accumulate, and i forget about aotearoa. i traverse earth. i forget the first sunrise in the world. i forget lots of things (which resulted in the recommendation of eating more vitamin b and omega three foods). 
this place is like no other, i can never collect all the right words to bring it justice. it's the eden of my childhood.