Thursday, 26 June 2014


when i bought my ticket home a huge sense of relief washed over me, as though i had been fighting a hun invasion under general conscription during the han dynasty and it was finally over, when all i ever did was live in one of the most efficient cities in the world. sure, work got insane at one (many) point(s), leaving my sanity in question, but i addressed the problem(s) in a way many people in their early 20s without much life experience would, by not addressing it (them) at all. bad idea. life experience: check.

we cross paths with people throughout life. when we're open to knowing them, we establish relationships (by baring our souls and hoping the listener doesn't destroy us with our secrets). then as our lives progress we become less open, or more guarded, and those same bonds are never really created again, or not in the same way. late teens was when i formed many of my strongest relationships (no matter where i was). then i entered the real world and learnt life would never be the same again. that's sad, but so is getting one strawberry mentos and 19 orange ones in a 'mixed fruit' pack.

i have so many quirks that are plain irksome but my friends are still my friends and would take a shot for me in lazer tag any day if i offered enough cash upfront. i never noticed how annoying i was (am) until i met someone with identical peculiarities. so for the all the times i walked away without a word to buy snacks while everyone's in conversation, stopped talking mid-sentence to think about pomegranates, listened to you with glazed eyes because i was still thinking about pomegranates, brushed my teeth in the living room, and left a country without saying goodbye, i'm sorry. thank you for still being my friend.

Monday, 16 June 2014