Saturday, 7 December 2013

cloud atlas

i went to climb sunset peak yesterday.

the presence of silence as you ascend is like entering another world (without traffic, people, stock market screeners, basically what you expect when you climb a mountain). i could hear my heart beat like thunder (and they were thunder because i had just climbed half a freaking mountain without stretching). 

when i met the heavy fog half way, i thought: i could die here, and no one would ever find me.

that's when i heard voices. i turn to find them and three dudes in the distance look at me in unison. there goes my life. one of them runs up and asks if i am travelling alone. 'please don't kill me,' i plead. he laughs as though i have seen through his plan, and i make him repeat after me, 'i will not kill you.'

in the end they let me live and even gave me some water when i thought i was going to dehydrate.