Thursday, 26 September 2013

the girl who leapt through time

tokyo, japan

fun facts
  • camera phones all have shutter sounds, for... reasons
  • ghibli is pronounced with a ji, not ghee like i have thought all my life
  • there's an unspoken rule of not eating in public, which i broke every moment i was in public
  • no matter what time of day, you always say 'ohaiyo gozaimasu' (even though it literally means good morning) on a mountain trail, to be polite and encourage the other passerby, who do not need encouragement really because they are blazing past you
  • there are no rubbish bins (anywhere) (okay maybe think of the most inconvenient place, it might be there)
worthy words
  1. itadakimasu (say before eating)
  2. gochisosama (say after eating, add deshita if it is more formal)
  3. oishii! (yum! i got to use this a lot when a friend took me to a japanese restaurant immediately after returning from japan, the chef was probably thinking 'i get it', 'i know', and 'stfu' but because he's a polite japanese dude all he could do was incline his body gracefully and reply 'arigato-gozaimasu' every time i used the phrase)
  4. eki is station
  5. ranchi is lunch
  6. neko is cat
  7. AKB48 is an idol group from akihabara
  8. hajimemashite (say when you first meet someone)

Monday, 23 September 2013

cosmic matter


we took these photos in between lounging on the floor with endless popcorn and chocolate watching adventure time and exploring mountain terrain and tracing train tracks and making nachos and making more nachos.