Friday, 18 February 2011


it rained everyday while i was in singapore. the best thing about this place is the food. from nasi lemak to lime juice to kaya toast, i am just mind blown, (well, more like stomach blown). other than that singapore is just a whole lot of illuminati symbols and shopping centres.

here are a few things i remember, no images attached so use your imagination:

island ice creamery
count on me to mention food followed by ice cream. the ice cream here is so creamy it is chewy in texture.

unless you survived your own fork stabbing, there isn't really much going for this place. either that or the singapore tourism board has a godly sense of humour. i'm sort of kidding, it's pretty cool if you want to swim in e. coli with cargo ships resting within pool distance.

night safari
one of the best experiences and coolest places i have ever been in my life. i saw a million bambis and actual zebra crossings. the ‘NYC’ of singapore — everyone will talk it up and it will still exceed your expectations.

haji lane
you can find top shop blouses, H&M shoes, and independent designer clothes in the same boutique, sounds weird but i have to applaud them for the convenience they try to bring. with portuguese inspired exteriors lining the narrow lane, many ‘photographers’ flock here daily with expensive DSLRs to take snap shots, of possibly windows.

editor's market
resting on the top floor of forgotten shopping centre name (there are too many), it is ever lovely and wonderful i wanted to buy 12 of everything. they have every basic in the history of clothing items, by basic t mean classy and wonderfully cut. the materials aren't amazing or anything, but it's just super student friendly.

sushi kikuzawa
charlie's friends jase and dimitra suggested this place for a sushi buffet. charlie was the first to bail, followed by me and said friends. it was pure joy when i said, ‘chef, that's enough *stomach swimming with fish*’. sushi kikuzawa for the win.

typical hipster joint that attracts mostly caucasians and musos, the decor is quirky and the staff are super friendly. i don't care if it's hipster if the staff are friendly.

oh look two giant durians. cool story.

east coast
i didn't know things outside of china could smell this bad. though we did go at night, it was mainly of forbidden lovers rendezvousing on park benches and strong fishy odors hitting your face as each wave splashed onto the imported sand and manmade shore.

slightly less frequent than its asian counterparts (hong kong, seoul, taiwan, shanghai), it is super clean and no surprise assaults by strangers (something i frequently face on the metro). they also announce announcements in four different languages, which I have only seen in taipei. i wonder if any other cities have more... you'd need to start announcing as soon as you leave the previous stop!

i loved my days here, thank you charlie for making my stay super fun, even if this post doesn't sound close.

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