Sunday, 20 December 2009

where troubles melt like lemon drops

the younger me never let me down (ultimately). i felt i was pretty much ready for world domination by age five. i was a rebel without a cause, another runaway, in prep i loved maths and public speaking, and enjoyed most other subjects with the exception for music*. sure i didn't know some simple things, like the structure of a generic family, and where babies came from; i thought you could buy babies from hospitals. my grandfather further fuelled this belief by one day leaving me on a public seat in the hospital to 'look for a baby brother in that office over there where no kids are allowed'. he returned after 40 minutes with no one, and when questioned, he casually said they were all 'sold out' and won't be restocked for another few months. however i knew other things, like how to kung fu a kidnapper and catch grasshoppers.

*something generic asian parents with a piano fetish refuse to see. if you are born asian, you will either play or have been forced to play the piano or violin, sometimes both.