Friday, 19 December 2008

pondering till the break of dawn

i feel really hollow today, not like, a pringles can after i've ate everything, but uncertainty. however on second thoughts after glancing at the time, 2:07AM on a saturday morning, it's probably what happens when i don't go out on a friday night, i'm left to ponder until saturday morning about less important things like life, what bark on a tree is made out of, and what i should wear that's appropriate for church on the coming sunday.

guess the logical thing to do is going to sleep. fyi, i don't think about what i wear to church on a sunday morning *cough*. but on the topic of fashion, not that we were, but now that i have mentioned it, i fail to comprehend how some people treat fashion like they're wiping out third world debts or something (if only). and to quote the great alexander mcqueen, 'it's only fashion, it's not fucking cancer, is it?' okay bed time!

puss puss.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

days gone by

it's hard to believe this year is coming to an end, every time i think how fast a year has gone by, i always go back to this rainy day when i was seven years old. because it had rained the whole day, my grandparents wouldn't let me go out and play, and i remember that day clearly as i was sitting on the family room table by the window, looking out and thinking, this rain is never going to stop, and i'm stuck in this frame of time for the rest of my life, help!

minutes after, the rain stopped, and since that moment i have never felt the world slow down. story of my life, pretty cheesy i know... but whatever.